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Hey all.

I decided to make a series of missions now that the foundry is on holodeck.

The first part is more or less an introduction to some major characters in the mission and text heavy.

I just finished the first map and placing the marker.

After that I went to the story tab to create the initial briefing that a player gets when he hails my missions. When I test play the mission I don't get the briefing that tells the players where to go. Is that normal?

I hooked up the marker and specified a "door" in Eta Eridani Sector Block. When I reach the door my BO pops up and tells me to fly to the station while in sector space.

I want the BO to pop up after I entered the system. How do I do this?

At the moment there is no pop up after I entered the system but the marker works and completes after closing in on the station which completes the first test run of the mission.

There will be a lot more in the mission than just flying to the station. This is just as far as I got for now.