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03-29-2011, 01:46 PM
That is disappointing.

One could always tell the BOs to go stand in the corner though.

I was surprised to find that the selection of Federation interiors are so limited and that custom interiors is greyed out and not allowed.

I can only make custom space maps. Sure this is awesome but I would have liked to create custom ground and interior maps from scratch. It would give our missions a lot more individuality instead of many things looking the same.

Perhaps there are some workarounds too. Going to check out StarbaseUGC.

I am almost finished with my first mission. There won't be any combat in the first mission but it is after all just an introduction to the upcoming events.

Edit: Thank you all for your help. Just published the mission. "The First Step" (Non-combat introduction mission that sets the stage for full blown Federation-Klingon war or a series of diplomatic negotiations. The choice is yours. )