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Thank you for your notes, but I have come to the conclusions I have drawn by watching the movies multiple times myself and conferring with several friends.

If you watch Wrath of Khan through Undiscovered Country you can note that the winsor green that you mention is used for Security Uniforms only appears in the Medical Facility that McCoy is sent to in The Search for Spock. In all other instances the Security Officers wear black collars and an armored vest. The armored vest unfortunately is not available. This leads us to the conclusion that those uniforms are specific to Medical Security personnel, which would fit with the green collars worn by Medical personnel.

The problem is, that Robert Flechter, who designed those uniforms worked only on the first four films, but his notes were used til the end. So it is no miracle that his successors made mistakes, like using blue instead of windsor green in STTFF or Valeris uniform in STTUC. Those division colors are the correct one and are also shown on Memory Alpha ( )
And in the case of TMP, again if you watch you will note that there seems to be some correlation with divisions and rank. For instance, you only see crewmen wearing orange and brown in the engineering section and transporter room, while crewmen in gray and white appear in the science and medical sections as well as on the bridge.

Trust me, we've gone over and over this and while there are sources that say otherwise, I believe we have come to more accurate conclusions than they have. ...
Here is the problem, that the production notes differ from your version:
Excerpt from Susan Sackett & Gene Roddenberry's "The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

Fletcher not only devised uniforms for all the crew, but, as with most military services, there are several classes of uniforms.

Dress uniforms are worn only on formal occassions and at Starfleet Headquarters. The best example of this can be seen in Admiral Kirk’s uniform worn at the beginning of the movie, with Bill Shatner wearing the crisp loden green and white uniform.

Class A uniforms are double-stitchedand have gold braid designating rank. Some of them have open necklines or other variations, as is true in the military services of our century. Rank designation became a point of confusion because of a decision made years before on the television series uniform. It was felt that the traditional four gold stripes of ship captain’s rank was too blatantly “militaristic”-looking for a 23rd-century paramilitary starship. Accordingly, the captain was held to a couple of stripes and lower ranks to even less. It was decided to continue this way for the movie. But many of the new Star Trek staff (and even Bob Fletcher himself) kept getting the 20th and 23rd centuries confused.

B uniforms utilize shirts which look similar to evolved T-shirts. These are white, beige, and pale brown, and use shoulder boards to indicate rank and service division (through color designations).

Uniforms worn on the bridge are of three general classifications. All command officers generally wear the blue-gray uniforms (Kirk, Spock, Decker, Scotty, McCoy); other bridge officers like Sulu and Chekov wear beige; crew personnel who are usually never on the bridge except for emergencies wear brown.

In addition to these uniforms, there are jump suits in white, brown, beige, gray, and sage green (this color worn in Earth scenes only). These are a kind of work suit, and have the only pockets of any Star Trek costumes, since these outfits are designed to be utilitarian. The jump suits are also designed to fit like a second skin, moving and bending with the person wearing them. Bob chose a special heavy-weight spandex, which he admits was hell to sew, and required the use of a special ballpoint needle to penetrate the material.

Other costumes included leisure wear, field jackets (these are worn in the final scenes at the site of Voyager 6) and space suits.