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03-29-2011, 03:37 PM
i found a lot of things didnt seem to work on the play through in foundry, so published mine about 15 times

things like the initial contact text, final map transitions etc, just didnt seem to want to work for me within the foundry, so i published, became a reviewer and ran through the mission myself, taking notes on spelling mistakes, typo's and areas of confusion and places for improvement.

there's still some effects i cant make work, and some funky stuff that i'm not the only one suffering from by the looks of things (ships you set up to warp in just warp in, rubber-band back, warp in, rubber-band back over and over again.. almost got that worked out now!)

there are a LARGE amount of missions up already that are noted to be works in progress by their authors, so i would honestly suggest getting it as close as you think you can and letting it out, gathering feedback and tweaking till you're happy.

as an occasional writer, the problem with self-editing is always the chance that you'll never be 100% happy with it, and all the work you've put in so far never sees the light of day, so take that chance

I'd say 24 hours is a fair amount of time, i've stopped tweaking mine for now, waiting for another round of feedback. i published after 6 hours, and have tweaked (and slept.. and all that) over the next 18.