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03-29-2011, 04:38 PM
I've only seen a couple well written ones so far, not counting a few that were meticulously copy/pasted over from Tribble. Honestly, a lot of the ones near hte top of the ratings right now are there more because they pose an interesting challenge than because they're particularly good. Klingon Incursion comes to mind - the only really remarkable part of the mission is that the enemies are set up in a way that poses a legitimate challenge without getting grindy like turning the difficulty up to elite can.

Unless you are on elite. Then it's just a good way to run out of major and critical components.

Don't feel like you're getting beaten to market by the big mission list that's up now, if your mission is as good as the time you put into it justifies, it'll be a cut above 80% of it.