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03-29-2011, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by BarbarossaRotbart
The problem is, that Robert Flechter, who designed those uniforms worked only on the first four films, but his notes were used til the end. So it is no miracle that his successors made mistakes, like using blue instead of windsor green in STTFF or Valeris uniform in STTUC. Those division colors are the correct one and are also shown on Memory Alpha ( )
Here is the problem, that the production notes differ from your version:
Those notes are faulty. Even in the very movie (Search for Spock) where you can clearly see the winsor green collars on the Medical Security Officers you see Security Officers at the door to Spock's quarters earlier wearing Black collars. Memory Alpha is not perfect.

And when Susan Sackett says generally she is obviously leaving out the various extras in white and gray walking around on the bridge during various scenes. Also, the jumpsuits she refers to as only being worn in Earth scenes can clearly be seen on the crew of the Space Station that witnesses the destruction of the Klingons at the beginning of the film.

Besides, my selections and designations make it easier for players to use the colors in the game and know what they mean rather than just haphazardly putting whatever color on whatever crewman for no apparent reason, which is the way the notes make it sound. I mean really, if we did it that way our Bridge Officers would all be wearing blue-gray and beige and what fun would that be?