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03-29-2011, 07:31 PM
Khitomer Accord - fix the bug that DC's a player every time you're fighting the Tac Cube.
Khitomer Accord - make the mission not as nearly impossible....6 spheres constantly hitting you with tractor beams while you're attempting to hit probes, attacking 2 gates simlutaneously, and a nearly indestructible Tac Cube are a bit much even for seasoned players. This is bordering on insane idiocy.

Borg Tech - should be able to purchase it in C-Store. Trying to get players together to do STF's is never easy. Players who HAVE done them don't do the hard ones again because they are just that...too hard. I have been trying for almost a year to accomplish the STFs and STILL have not done so because:
1. it is too hard to get a decent group
2. players are usually inexperienced, so the missions always fail
3. missions are WAY too long
4. servers KEEP DC'ing players in mission