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03-29-2011, 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by Pinecone3 View Post
why not make a VA TOS Dreadnaught? ya know, the one with three nacells?

Because, and here i go again, ADDING A NACELLES DOES JACK SH...!

Nacelles are, essentially, warp propulsion. They do NOT produce power. They CONSUME IT to produce WARP SPEED.
Adding more Nacelles is done solely for either adding redundancy, in case something breaks, or to create a more powerful warpfield.
Like when you upscale the power generation on a ship but cant make good use of that plus of power because your initial nacelles are to small to house more coils and you cant fit new, more effective coils so you add another nacelle instead.

Nacelles do JACKSHIITE in terms of combat performance.

WHAT does wonders for combat performance is internal volume of your space frame. That means ROOM. Room to fit stuff.

The constitution is a tiny SHRINK of a ship compared to all modern trek cruisers. a SHRINK. A SMURF.

Logic, even game logic, flat out forbids a VA stat constitution or any ship kitbash/mashup made from it.

Its stupid.

It cant have the same weapons, the same hp. at best one could settle on a t3 stat constitution - elevating the t2 up one level to t3 is barely reasonable and acceptable. You can add proper VA boff slots but never shoudl this ship actualy have both the beef and the bite of any actual t5+ cruiser - ships that have up to 7 times the internal volume and are build much more bulky to begin with.