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The 300 is starting a recruitment drive to increase our numbers. If you are looking for a friendly group of experience gamers, look no further! We have mastered all of the STFs and Fleet Actions. We also hold regular special PVP events, like the popular Shuttle Wars.

Once a month we will be holding a fleet contest, open to our members and the members of our allied fleets. First place each month will receive 500 Atari Tokens. In April we will have a scavenger hunt and in May it will be a trivia contest. There are also plans in the works for a Foundry designer contest.

We, of course, have our own Ventrilo server for voice chat and a website where we share in-game technical information and PVP builds. You may visit our fleet website at

For those who wonder what the 300 Spartans have to do with Star Trek, visit our website and read our RP background!

Anyone wishing to join us may register at our website or message me or any other fleet officer in game.

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