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03-29-2011, 11:00 PM
You can make a custom interior ... of sorts.

What you do is take the flattest ground map you can find and then add one (or four or however many you need) of those 500' x 500' paved sections set high enough in the air that you don't have to worry about terrain or trees poking up through your floor. Then using the wall pieces you just build away on your floating bit of land.

OK .. there is an issue of getting all of your pieces to be on the right level vertically with each other since the y-axis is relative to the level of the terrain on the map where you placed the piece. So if the ground is 20 feet higher under one object because of a hill you'll have to adjust it's altitude to compensate.

That adjustment is a bit of a pain but if you start with a relatively flat map (like a meadow) it's manageable ... well without too much crying and screaming.