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# 25 The 300
03-29-2011, 10:16 PM
Great to see you looking into the STO fleets!

Fleet name: The 300
Your name: Giles
Your @handle: @Steelthorn
Your Position within the fleet: Fleet Marshal (Leader)
Website address (if applicable):
Number of current members: 195 (at our height we were at 323 but STO membership had dipped recently). Most of our members are spread across the US and Europe but we also have members in other locals, such as Brazil (we have fleet leaders across 3 continents).
Fleet focus(es) (e.g. RP, STFs, European, PvP, etc): We do it all; we have fleet departments that focus on PVP and PVE, as well as a department to run our KDF fleet. Our RP background and stories can be found on our website and we're working on turning some of them into Foundry missions.
A description of your fleet in 100 words or less: We are a group of experienced gamers who just want to have a good time; we master all of the game content without stress. We have a solid organizational structure that ensures all the needs of our members are met and prevents player conflicts (in a 1.5 years we have only had to dismiss 3 people from the fleet). Our fleet also hosts community events, such as the recent Shuttle Wars. Members also receive benefits, such as an Aegis set for every admiral, achievement item rewards, and monthly contests that reward Atari Tokens to the winners. Our core player base has grown so close that we recently decided to make our fleet a multi-game guild.