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03-29-2011, 11:48 PM

First off I don't want to burden my officers with a task that I enjoy doing, but I would like to see improvements on it. My officers are to busy playing the game and helping members in other ways then to manage their ranks and statuses.

I don't want to burden my members by having them sign up for a forum or website to join the fleet, that only ends up with me having 2000 members on a forum with 50 active posters, and that's a pain in it self... and also totally inefficient for the tasks that I need eased as a person will usually sign up with a different name than their online name, they don't sign up with all their toons, if and when I send out some news about the fleet I will have to go in and manually delete members from the forum also that are no longer in the fleet... etc, etc...

The bank thief problem is also not one that comes up often, I do have restrictions on new members they are not allowed to remove anything that is of value to the higher ranks, but they can take out items that can benefit them if they are just starting out the game.

Again I want to see improvements to the game, not workarounds... therefore I voice my suggestions