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03-29-2011, 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by Elkysium View Post
I completely agree. and to add, though this might be stretching it a bit...maybe authors who achieve a certain amount of high stars, say like 100 five stars or 200 four stars, would receive a small amount of atari tokens for the time we spent in creating the missions that are enjoyed.
Cryptic has conclusively ruled in another thread that UGC can never involve any transfer of real-life money between players; and since AT are paid for with money, no AT rewards of any sort for authors ever. They never did, however, answer whether an award in emblems would be ok. Since it doesn't involve any possible exchange of real life money, it seems no different than, e.g., mailing the author a gift of an item (which Cryptic expressly approved as "ok" as a gesture of appreciation).

However, if this ever happened, it would probably have to be in the form of something like a completely optional, nominal 1-emblem "tip" that any player could leave for an author upon completing a mission. Charging anything for playing UGC would lead to violence in the streets here; and basing it on ratings leaves waaaaay to much potential for "rating farming."