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03-30-2011, 12:56 AM

1. overhaul of the pm/mail server. I'd really like to be able to see sent mail with out the need to wait for a reply.

2. Musical instruments ( Jazz Trombone, Drums, Keyboard, Upright Bass and Non-air guitar, each plays they're own little bit of music, unless your teamed and each member is using a different instrument then they unlock a really amazing Jazz Number.

3. Spoils of war, when you kill an enemy be it in space or on the ground, they're loot is more reflective of they're race and tech. so If you blow up a Klingon and with the right mini-game added in you could actually loot a cloaking device ( damaged but can be repaired and with the right R&D Score you can get it to some times work with your normally un-cloak-able ship.) (give it a fail% per use like the trans warp dose.


1. From the bridge travel, this can be tied into >VA-1 ranks, once you hit VA-3 you can be on your bridge and from your Capt.'s Chair ( or any chair you can sit in) and set any heading and then rather than a cut screen or having to go back to sector space, the view screen would take over the loading, either by a star field moving or by a mini-load screen with in the viewer. but at least you'd not have to do all the major flying your self.

( Faster Warp Engines like the Borg and the Aegis sets would speed things up a bit, Slip-Stream even more soo, and Trans Warp would be instantaneous)

2. as much as the Borg, Aegis and other visual changing items change the look on the outside of your ship, they should do something to the inside as well. like borg nodes and wires running around in your ship, or the Aegis changing the lighting effects in your ship.

3. Story arch for the new crew system, where you as the capt. get stuck somewhere, be it the holodeck or the transporter buffer or a shuttle crash lands on a hostile planet and one of your other crew have to put together a team of they're own and save you. ( Holodeck = Engr BOff having to save you, Transporter = Sci BOff, Crashed Shuttle = Tac BOff, each and the other's can take on the mission, but each will have a better chance at saving you within they're own bracket)


1. Q today, Guinan Tomorrow. Story arch (possibly a weekly series) where you have to deal with Q over and over again across time and each time he's up to something that has has it's roots in your present. and the past for a very mysterious bartender we all love and know little about.

2. I read somewhere that both fed's and KDF are getting new tutorials, and that the current Fed one will become a prelude to KA, For those of use @ VA already will we be able to play this new tutorial when it goes live or would we have to start a new character to play this? ( I don't mind if it levels up to our current level I just really would like to take part in the mission see what Cryptic came up with but not have to start a new character and then delete it once I've played it)

3. I know everyone is super looking forward to the BOff to Playable Capt. but what about the other way around? Can't we train up our Playable Capts. and then convert them to a Chief of staff role on our main character, and they get a better bonus for having been trained as an officer of the line rather than just a minor BOff.