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03-30-2011, 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by DarkShrike View Post
Another way to do something like this would be to have some form of 'foundry' reward tokens, perhaps like generic exploration marks which could be redeemed for gear of the players choosing.
This could be a good idea. Someone else mentioned in another thread about rewarding the player like the B'Tran Cluster daily is at the moment, (0/3) missions completed for 3 Emblems. The difference would likely be in the time it takes to complete 3 missions from the Foundry, as these would easily be longer than how long it usually takes to do the B'Tran daily. Perhaps it could be implemented as a weekly, yet the tally would remain days/weeks later if you haven't completed them all.
I think Cryptic have to be careful with the idea of rewards. No rewards will have a deciding effect on the longevity of UGC, because no matter how good something is, a lack of rewarding the player will come back to bite them. There is only so much a player will do for the love of this system. Merits and Credits won't cut it, as anyone who is at the level cap (either recently or for a good time now) knows that we have plenty and its not difficult to continue to maintain and increase these either.
Emblems will help, and a separate UGC Mark system for unique rewards does sound very good indeed.
And this should also be issued in a way to those that do create good content too.