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03-30-2011, 01:48 AM
Lie in wait:

Impulse Engine Mk XI [Spd] [Turn] Special: If stationary, you get a damage resistance +20 as your warp field helps deflect damage.

Cheat to win

Universal Console, When equiped, grants all weapon damage +5%, All Science powers +5% Duration, All engineering powers -1% global cooldown

Steal from the best

Graviton Deflector [Grav] [DeF], Special: Grants the use of the BO power Energy Siphon 2, recharge time 90 seconds not affected by aux

Full Set "I lie, I cheat, I steal!":

New power - Holo Clone generator: Affects Enemy Target. Your Holo Emitters generates a near perfect copy of the enemy you have targeted when you activate this power. The pet lasts for 180 seconds, but suffers from Hologram durability and weaknesses. The Hologram will have all BO powers, consoles, weapons, and devices of the target when created. (Note: Because it's an AI controlled pet and not the real thing, it may not do what the real thing can or will do in the case of players) Recharge: 300 seconds