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03-30-2011, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
You find Voyager more believable...Kate Mulgrew herself once adressed the problem that Janeway seemed to act as though she had a bipolar disorder.
Mulgrew did not actually deny this, she said it was the authors fault.
My best friend has a bipolar disorder and neither she nor myself would even dream of her in command of a spaceship.
She cannot work in certain jobs that involve people because of it.
So I wonder how credible it is for someone like Janeway, to be in command.
It is unlikely that she would have passed psychological evaluation.
All the other captains with their weaknesses and obsessions were far more stable than her.
Even Kirk.
More believable in that she isnt completely impervious to the stress of being trapped, completely isolated from command/family/life.

Ofcourse any commanding officer is well educated in how to deal with stressors, actually being trapped such an enormous distance from home, is something completely different.

Its just like being a soldier, you wont know how you react under fire or after having killed somebody, until youve actually tried it.