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03-30-2011, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by NCC-94699
Can we expect a revamp of Deep Space Nine?
Will there be additional set-items that include visuals? Like the Mirror Universe visuals?
Originally Posted by ObieKenobi View Post
(1) Is there any concrete plans for a specific season devoted to space PvP concerns? Territory Control and New PvP maps are at very bottom of the priority for Cryptic at the moment.

(1a) Can we get more feedback from developers on what their plans are for these new PVP maps? Perhaps details on what kind of game play style they intend to implement? How they envision territory control PvP will work?

(2) Will DS9 be receiving new content that will make it a hub for dailies as well to make that zone more relevant?

(3) I heard rumours of STO's engine not being able to support starbase assault contents. Is this a permanent condition or is there a chance that the engine can be updated to accommodate such game play in the future?

(4) With the departure of Snix, will there be another developer assigned to oversee the PvP game play mechanics?
Q: The previous two posters have questions regarding Starbases and DS9 specifically - it seems that the game so far is missing "real" Starbases with multiple weapon mounts (possibly targeted individually), and tries to "fake" it with turrets. Will this ever be revamped? And will either turrets or armed starbases be added to the foundry?