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03-30-2011, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by Green117 View Post
Emblems will help, and a separate UGC Mark system for unique rewards does sound very good indeed.
And this should also be issued in a way to those that do create good content too.
My understanding is that they are looking into combining many of the currency systems of the game into one, which is a good idea since most of my characters eventually end up with lower order marks of exploration they no longer have any need for.

What I meant to represent with my idea of a marks reward for foundry content was to tie it into the exploration system. After all, isn't UGC just another form of 'exploration'? I j ust would want them to make certain that there was a way to prevent exploits of such a system. - e.g. Just like exploration marks you can only take the mission that rewards them based on a timer. Plus there should really be some documented formula that foundry authors could employ that would result in the system being able to tell you up front if the mission was worth marks for you.

Hopefully this wouldnt have to be tied into their being combat in the mission but there also needs to be a way to keep folks from abusing the click a glowie win a prize mechanic.