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03-30-2011, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by Ravennet View Post
Long Term:

Uniforms like on Elite Force if possible.
And ground combat like on Elite Force as well? I've said it before and I'll say it again. MMORPG controls don't work with projectile (or laser) weapons. You need twitch controls. Anyone remember Planetside? That game lasted ages (still going iirc)

Re: the post directly above this one: Why on earth would Bridge travel be limited solely to max level characters?

And good grief, man, if you can't be bothered to start a new character for a new tutorial you don't deserve one. Do you really think they're gonna let players just re-max an existing character when you're supposed to be paying them a monthly fee to level from scratch? Come on........ This goes for anyone who's ever asked about re-traiting/re-racing existing characters or otherwise re-rolling their characters without being bothered to put in the leg work again. Instead, address the reasons you are not willing to start again from scratch. Lack of content, repetetive gameplay... Tackling these issues is much more important than letting you "have a go" at another max level race/class without actually making one and playing it through.

You've got no grounds for a request of this type. A new tutorial is just that - new. Play it or don't, but don't expect development time to be wasted trying to pander to yourselves when the problem is getting new players through the door.

I've yet to see one example of an MMORPG where players would be allowed to simply change their max level of one class to a max level of another. It simply doesn't, and should never, happen.