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03-30-2011, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by CaptMattSchwab

1. Star Trek is NOT real. It's make-believe.


2. Star Trek IS all the stuff you keep saying has no place in the game. I'm glad you love the 25th Century, but if I was the Marketing Department at Cryptic and I heard they were going to stop making the stuff fans associate with and will pay money for, I'd be screaming bloody murder with my eyes bulging out of my head.

This is the reality of STO. For STO to stay alive, it has to make money. With a fan base as rabid as the Star Trek IP has, you can't give generic stuff no one has ever seen before, and sell it as Star Trek. It just doesn't work.

You have to sell the IP on stuff that fans care about. Otherwise, why buy it?

Why should I care about a bunch of stuff Cryptic made up as filler? I barely had any interest in TNG, and had virtually no interest in DS9. I thought Nemesis was a weak movie. That alone means I'm not very likely to buy anything associated with those eras. And so, I'm certainly not inclined to buy anything with an era that I have no vested interest in.
real is something that is tangiable something that you see reality is not merely a preception of the world but things in a established setting if you forget that then your not really being true to the make belive reality you are expericing

it's kinda like making a world war 2 game and populating it with roman soldiers ... they have no place in the setting one should focus on the proper time line setting before adding "fluff"