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03-30-2011, 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by Lufia
real is something that is tangiable something that you see reality is not merely a preception of the world but things in a established setting if you forget that then your not really being true to the make belive reality you are expericing
You would consider pixels on a screen, that equate to 1s and 0s in a database on a server, as being real?

What you are talking about is immersion, not reality.

But your initial argument was that the 25th Century stuff is real, which it is not. nothing in the game is real. It's all make-believe based on writings and what is televised in association with the IP.

And the 25th Century stuff is even less "real" because Cryptic made it all up. It's not even established in canon as part of the Star Trek universe.

But you are still missing the larger issue. That issue is the financial drive behind this game.

To quote "The Right Stuff":

"No bucks. No Buck Rodgers."

Same thing goes with STO. And Cryptic is aware of what drives the STO machine. The fuel for this game, is the fervent fandom associated with the IP and what has already been established in the Star Trek universe. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If STO were PURELY based on the 25th Century, and had nothing in it from the previous incarnations, this game would be deader than a doorknob.

At that point, STO would be nothing more than generic space MMO #2, with Star Trek in name only on the cover of the game box.