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03-30-2011, 02:25 PM
Fleet name: Federation Reborn
Your name: G'eek
Your @handle: @bluegeek
Your Position within the fleet: Commanding Officer
Website address (if applicable):
Number of current members: 5 active players, plus alts
Fleet focus(es) (e.g. RP, STFs, European, PvP, etc): All play styles welcome. Alts are welcome. We are casual-friendly and family-friendly
A description of your fleet in 100 words or less:
Our mission: To restore the ideals that the Federation was founded to promote and that Starfleet was formed to protect. We are dedicated to the rebirth of these ideals and to the fellowship and defense of all who uphold them. Our fleet is guided by the principles of Friendship, Freedom, Fun, and Fair-Play and our goal is to be known as a friendly and helpful fleet. We are still quite small, but hoping to grow so that our members can find teammates and experience more of STO's content together. We have members in the US and the UK.