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Originally Posted by Green117 View Post
I can understand what you are saying. I too left Wow just months before Cata hit, though i did see enough on the Beta to know that the same formula would be present, and i just can't go back to those 5/6 a week raid schedules now i am at University. STO fits perfectly into my life right now, and while friends and other students seem to go out every other night of the week, i can afford to clock up a full night on the weekend just for STF's after all my work is done. But thats just me, everyones life is very different.
You are right to never schedule your life around a game, though i think you will be hard pressed to find an MMO that has end game content based around the time frame of an hour. Of course, some people will say they can do STF's in this time frame, but it still took time before to learn, prepare and run them so swiftly now.
You're absolutely right. I probably won't find another MMO who's endgame doesn't invariably becomes a part-time job. This is one reason I am hoping that a Developer someday, realizes this and designs a series of short but challenging encounters. In other words, what is the difference between three 1 hour STFs and one 3 Hour? Shorter segments is best in my opinion.