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03-30-2011, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by Elkysium View Post
Can't say i argue with any of you, but i still feel there needs to be some type of reward. Regardless of what it comes down to being.

After all how many of us leave the missions alone that are worth little xp or give crappy loot? I myself have done every mission at least 5 times. By the 5th character i quit doing the missons that were so. It was pointless, in my eyes anyway, to do them.
Agreed. After item rewards and accolades are received, it is difficult to want to go back to something, at least any time soon anyway. Of course i will always help new Fleet members with STF's, because the reward there is happiness for that said Fleet member and maintains the strength and closeness of a Fleet. But thats a different kettle of fish. Featured Episodes i have run many times over. The rewards are great, plenty of accolades and the stories and locations are beautifully realised. Yet new content and rewards is far more appealing than just new content.

There does need to be something implemented. Atari Tokens i just can't see. Regardless if we are making content for the company and game, i just don't see this as a viable option from a business standpoint, though regular and very good content designers, there could be a yearly (quarterly maybe?) best of the best awards which could be rewarded with C-Store items, etc. And why not, surely they would deserve this, and i don't think it will take long to see exactly who has the ability to create amazing missions. This could create a domino effect, meaning others may up their game and create even better missions just for a chance to be part of the awards too. We've already seen plenty so far, and these people will deserve more than just a pat on the back. This community has a strength unlike many MMO's, as we have an amazing wealth of knowledge, passion and devotion to a franchaise, some have grown up with, while some are just discovering Star Trek, yet the back catalogue of books, tv and films is very rich indeed. Now we are getting to write and direct the stories ourselves, the potential of this is mindblowing.

I have absolute faith in Cryptic handling whatever they have in mind for the players and the creators in terms of rewards. I'm just very intrigued to see what this may be.