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03-30-2011, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by Green117 View Post
I completely agree with both of you (Darkshrike & Heezdedjim). Cryptic do have to be careful with how they implement rewards against the possible ways of abuse.
The "good" solution to this would be to have an actual person at Cryptic spend some time to review UGC missions, qualify some as meeting the minimum requirement for a reward, and then take a snapshot of that mission and attach a reward to it. It would have to be frozen somehow to prevent the author from gutting it after approval (maybe you would have to "submit" for review a frozen or "officially done" version of your mission). They might choose missions to go through approval from those that got a good number of 5 ratings and no glaring criticisms, in order to spend their time on those missions most likely to be worth approving (keeping in mind, of course, to counter any potential for "ratings farming").

The main problem with this is just having someone with the time to do it; but it would allow UGC missions to go "semi-pro" at least from the standpoint of having real rewards attached; and that might go a great long way to encouraging more people to invest time in making great missions. It also seems like a way to get good content into the game with a lower cost overall compared to writing from scratch. And the person doing this need not be anyone with actual development skill; just knowledge of some basic ground rules and a willingness to get paid for . . . playing an MMO (would make an outstanding project for a college intern, for instance).