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03-30-2011, 08:21 PM
Ok maybe i'm a little dense lol, but i fail to see why atari tokens strictly for author incentive is bad? It's not like it cost the company money. Technically cryptic has an unlimited supply of these. It's a product made up so that consumers, not the company, can convert real life money into a secure and non transferable currency to purchase products with. If the company is giving these tokens as a reward to authors that create content that makes their customers happy, how can that be bad? It's not like i'm talking about massive amounts of tokens, i did say small. Seeing as we only have 8 missions, if authors that get extremely high ratings and get say 50 or 100 tokens per successful mission. That would equate to no more than 400 to 800 tokens. On the low side i could get what a costume? On the high side, what a free service or 3 costumes. Not a bad price to 'pay' to get 8 quality missions. Plus, assuming on the high end, how much incentive will it give you to purchase that ship that now would only cost you what 400-2100 more points. So by doing that they also created another sale. How many authors do you think will have 8 missions like that? Very few in a short amount of time anyway, over time and deletion of ones that aren't, maybe. Plus, who knows, they might actually be able to write it off on taxes lol.

I could really care less either way to be honest, i will still make my missions and continue on. Just my thoughts. It would be nice though. Our missions, on the other hand, definitely need some type of reward for the player.