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03-30-2011, 08:44 PM
Originally Posted by Green117 View Post
Yet the features i am thinking about were from other MMO's you haven't mentioned yet i played. Do you realise that at one time, and this was for a very long period, years before Cross-Realm was introduced in Wow, the minimum wait time for Alterac Valley was around 50 mins. At times you could be still waiting for 2 hours. Arenas were not there from day one either. The way rewards were implemented back then was terrible, where you could be stuck at one rank for months without access to any further gear, of which there wasn't a great deal to speak of either.
This is intellectually dishonest. From day one there was open world pvp. Huge rolling rights in the world that were absorbing and fun for HOURS on end : Tarren Mill to Southshore, Astranarr and other places. STO is a crippled game and a crippled engine, and most people are just treading water until "the sci fi game that shall remain nameless" opens this year.

14 Months and not ONE NEW SPACE MAP IN PVP = STO Management FAIL.