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# 1 Transitions, Maps and Doors..
03-31-2011, 06:19 AM
Right now I'm feeling a degree of frustration at making missions in the foundry..


well, it comes down to mission flow. right now its impossible to set certain variables for map transitions. as an example:

I'm working on a project in which i have created a "side office" for ESD, this is a seperate map from ESD so i can place custom NPC's and objects in it. the transition from a door on ESD is fine, however to return to ESD i cant set an object, like a door, to act as the transition trigger.. meaning the captain has to "beam out" from a room on ESD to ESD..

that would be ok, if i could transition into sector space, or even space outside ESD from the custom map, but i cant.. i can only transition from custom map to custom map! it makes little sense to beam from ESD directly to being on your ship in a completely different part of the quadrant..

it also seems that a great deal of systems are not flagged as "doors" in sector space. The mission i have live already has this problem because the SS Azure isnt a door, nor is Sol, DS9, Bajor or Cardassia for that matter, yet other "social hubs" like Risa, Vulcan and Andoria are.. again, this requires sacrificing certain concepts and ideas or trying to work around them in order to make them happen, all of which affects the flow of the story.

Am I the only one to notice these limitations? has there been a reason why put out at any time during the redshirt/tribble testing phases? I can kinda see the limit on certain systems as doors possibly, but the transitions one seems to make no sense..

at the moment i'm just stumped. I cant think of a decent justification that stays true to the story for the limitations set in place by the tools. That probably makes me an awful mission designer to be honest but if this is a "feature to come" or cant be put in for some reason i'd like to know why before abandoning or butchering the story i wanted to tell.