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03-31-2011, 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by Zypher2011
That is the approach of a true developer or artist, someone who cares about their work.

It got me thinking that Cryptic should consider automatic removal of a mission if the rating ratio is something like 75% 1 star after about 20 reviews. I don't mean delete it, I just mean withdraw it. Notify the user and encourage quality not quantity. We can already see a lot of missions that will obviously get no updates, they just take up space on the server now.

I would like to see Cryptic encouraging quality. Reward system for getting a certain rating level within a certain number of reviews would be very cool. Purple items for good rating within 100 reviews, free c-store items if a mission gets 500 reviews. If a player creates a mission that grabs the entire community and generates massive levels of playtime, I really think they should get a decent reward.

Question is, will foundry missions get this level of attention? Time will tell.

So, when do the Cryptic Foundry Cooking lessons begin and who is the Chef :p
The only problem is you would never be able to republish it. Ratings don't go away after republish. So your old ratings would cause it to automatically cause it to be removed. And you can't reset the counter, because people would just republish the garbage as-is knowing it'll take another 20 reviews to remove it.