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03-31-2011, 01:30 PM
Congratulations to us all, the Foundry is exactly the game-changer I've purchased my LTS for.

I am however confused by Stormshade's quote:
Originally Posted by StormShade View Post
Well, it looks like I've made a mistake.

I'm sorry guys, however, my statement there is incorrect. I've been informed that we're not allowing the appearance of characters from the shows in The Foundry. Likeness/copyright issues make this very difficult to allow, and we need to go with the, "Reference is ok, physical appearance is not ok," in order to comply with the rules we're being given.

I'm sorry to have mislead you all, and I'll go back and edit that post so I don't confuse anyone else.

Thanks for understanding,

which to me seems to contradict a statement found on your Foundry page: "Re-create your favorite Star Trek episode."