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# 22 PvP Content Please
03-31-2011, 02:16 PM
I'm a lifer and just got the MVAM Advanced Escort (thanks for the Lt.Cmdr Sci), and TOS bundle (thanks for the smaller interiors--they look amazing). I log on every day and all I ever want to do is space PvP. Please develop more for PvP. Preferably something new every 3 months minimum, but after getting my 400 day rewards (thanks) I'm still waiting for the first new space PvP content. Please devote resources to PvP.

It literally is the ONLY thing I truly care about. I do the missions simply to get PvP rewards like Emblems or the Borg console. I have played a LOT of first person shooter games and other MMO's an understand what makes PvP "fun." I'd be very happy to give you the blueprint for developing an excellent and endlessly-replayable CTF (Capture The Ferengi(TM)) implementation. I know what elements work well, how to define roles, generate flow, and balance tasks amongst teammates of varying skill levels while still ensuring that everyone has lots of fun. Let me know if you are interested. I'm happy to help.

All I want is more PvP.