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04-01-2011, 09:17 AM
Short Term
  • Fix the random changing of the hotbar powers, it is really annoying and a show stopper.
  • More Options at the Character Tailor, like changing cloth material (especially those metal plates at the Veteran Uniform.)
  • More Options at the Ship tailor, let us Strech/Shrink ship parts about 10-15 % in every axis.

Mid Term
  • More Options at the Character Tailor.
  • New Ship Parts and please without armor plates or holes, just good looking ones for a change.
    (I know this may be difficult but please TRY to make them look good at least.)
  • Functional Ship interior.
  • Benzite and Caitian BOFFs

Long Term
  • More Featured Episodes.
  • Exploration Revamp.

Live long and prosper.