Thread: NPC Movement?
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# 6 C'mon..this seems practical...
04-01-2011, 10:42 AM
While creativity is its own reward, I just can't believe you can make NPC Contacts or Groups travel to a waypoint....but no, there HAS to be a way to do it!

I remember a mission Fed players could get where a transport made its way to a station, and you had to escort them. Or how about the mission where you had to scan freighters and the freighters were warping in at specific points and were also clearly proceeding towards a specific point. While I am thankful for what we have, I don't understand why the players be given this necessary tool?

Another important thing I'd like to see: NPC's who "escort" the player by following them. This would be a great tool.

Give us the ability to assign the player NPC "friends" - not groups. I want to be able to drop in a Stargazer class and tell it to follow the player. When the player enters combat, the stargazer would help out. C'mon, that seems pretty practical...