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04-01-2011, 10:13 AM
As a toggle function, meaning once clicked "on" it stays that way until clicked "off", how does that change how AttackPatterns are used now since the player only has to activate them as they finish thier CD?

By toggle do you mean outright turned "on" (providing the ability's constant bonus) or does the power run its course for its alotted time period, hit its CD, finish CD and automatically restart until turned off?

What Science and/or Engineering powers are going to be set to non-stackable with BOff abilities since this idea does remove one Tac Captain power from being stacked with other BOff abilities?

Secondly how will this idea effect those vessels not well designed for long term self-reliant survival?

It may be all well and good to have this system in place as a Tactical in a Cruiser or even a Science vessel but Escorts will not play well under it due to thier lack of self-healing and reliance on the Burst attack to soften foes quickly. Most Escorts can not function as sustained attackers . This removes some vessels all to together, such as the BoP may not fair well in a sustained combat under it without outside healing.

Addendum: Are the Science/Engineer going toggle as well in your idea? I ask becuase somebody will eventually.