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04-01-2011, 10:14 AM
Well, while we're talking about it, I'll add in my two cents as well.

Project ID: ST-HHS3TEBSB if anyone decides to look.

I receive the error on the second map and since I've finished out the mission storyline, on quite a few other maps as well. I've tried using three different maps for my second map and I've deleted all items from the maps several times. Not sure what could be causing the error. I may go back and try deleting the component completes 1 by 1 later tonight. Hope this helps.

Edit: I managed a fix. I went back like a previous post said and tried adding items to the map one by one. Turns out there's a problem with the "Component Complete" setting. Any time I tried to use it, I would get the Internal Genesis error. What I did instead was additional objectives in the storyline to initiate the same action. See if this works for you.