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04-01-2011, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Fanboy3k
It seems like no matter what I do my mission wants to begin in ESD and then transition from there. I was hoping to start it from Space, whether that's SOL or Sector space. Is this not possible?
You have to pick a 'Contact' to start the mission (either at ESD, or you can make it one of your Shp's Boffs). if you select a boff - you can get the mission from anywhere. Once you've selected the Contact, you need to select a 'door' or starting point. There are ground doors in ESD, but you should also see and be alble to select 'star system' doors in various Sector Blocks. Once you do that, once you have the mission, you then need to go to the door (be it on ESD or in space) to actually start your mission.