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04-01-2011, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by BluerockBeing04 View Post
This would be interesting, but sadly would turn into "how many turrets can I put down" wars. Unless they made it so you had to have one of each class in your henchmen team.
I like this idea, but i also dont like this idea, imagine if you will
i like to make copies of myself on my bridge officer with the same name and look (ie outfit)
You say in team to target a certin player
team gets confused and doesnt know which one to target.......

Me yells out in team "Target Player X"
Team member "Which One?"
Team member "That one"
Team Member "No thats the npc"
Team Member "OK this one..........ah crap there Player X was" *you hit re-spawn button*

so as much as i like this idea, i also dont think its a good idea