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04-01-2011, 04:41 PM
As a toggle it works as a toggle should it stays active for as long as you want without a timer until something removes it or you shut it off.

As for alpha being unstackable with the other patterns is a proviso that I'll make clear in a moment.

Yes you can have multiple patterns on a rotation to give you something usually going. Now let's compare my concept to let's say Attack Omega Pattern. Right now Omega provides only half it's effects for 5 secs and the rest for 15 secs on a 1 min cooldown without Tactical initative. Now you can't even get this one to run consistantly as omega shared a 30sec global cooldown with other omega powers so you would need a 3rd power of ethier beta or delta to keep a continual cycle going. Even if you tried this with beta you would still need a second beta power and your still be losing out of 10secs effective beta use as the buff only lasts for 10 secs a power. Another drawback is your probaly be using inferior ranks of the duplicate power to boot. Now with my system you can activate one instance of omega and reap the rewards for a entire cycle of 3 pattern abilities without having to use lower ranked and extra duplicates and deveations and can continue to do so until you decide to change or is countered.
Now you can probaly see why I said alpha would need to be unstackable with the other as you can now have alpha going for much longer then it's normal 30 sec duration adding a rather sizable boost to your sustained lvl of DPS and having a second pattern being able to be stacked would effectively put you on permenant burst mode.