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04-01-2011, 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by MrJ

A TOS movie era pack however, I will defiantly get. With the Oberth class coming soon, Miranda class, Constitution class refit, T3 and T5 Excelsior all in game that is a lot of ships that the interiors will work for. Ships that we saw, for the most part, in service all the way to the late 24th century. There’s no reason why Miranda and Excelsior classes wouldn’t still be in service in the early 25th century.
Heck, slightly tweaked versions would work for even TNG ships, seeing as the Ent-D used the TMP movie sets as a base for constructing it's own sets. Yeah. All the service corridors were pulled directly from the movie sets, given a new paint job and carpet, and they called it good. A lot of it was even in the original configuration, even.

I believe they used the TMP bridge to build the battle bridge, as well, I'd have to look and see, as well as some of the engineering section to build the Galaxy version (which in an interesting twist was nearly pulled untouched for ST:VI)

Really, a TMP pack would be perfect as next up, because it needs relatively little tweaking to turn it into a TNG pack. And it makes a nice interior for just about anything.

Addenendum: A Twok phaser? GOD YES. Preferably with a damage and critical hit bonus, dual beam bank. You could possibly justify a slightly tweaked variant as a 'dual cannon' for escorts as well, since if you look at it, it's a highly pulsed beam, instead of solid as in TNG.