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Originally Posted by Blacksabre
  • I want to be able to accept this mission from anywwhere, there is a part after the initial hail that takes you straight to your Ready Room (well not your ready room, a map made so that you can't see the rest of the bridge), when I'm testing later parts of the mission that hail shows up, so it may work already, or it could be a bug, I'm not sure.
You can accept a mission from anywhere. You can direct that the player report to an Admiral on DS9 to actually learn the details, but they can accept the mission from anywhere. What I do is I just have the Tactical Officer (Ship) just relay the details of the mission. As if the First Officer is delivering the orders from Starfleet.

For example,

"[Rank], Starfleet wants the [Ship] to report to the [MissionInfo]Andoria System in the Vulcan Sector[/MissionInfo]. According to Starfleet Intelligence, there is an [MissionInfo]Undine infiltrator[/MissionInfo] on Andoria and we have been ordered to hunt it down. What are your orders?"
Option1: "Set course to Andoria." {Accepts mission}
Option2: "Cancel" {Declines Mission}

And then name your first map-wide mission "Andoria." That way players will still know where to go if for some reason they jump off the server before making it to the first map.

  • For a part of my mission, I want a certain enemy ship to spawn but with the appearance of another ship in order to keep the original ship's abilities with the appearance of a different ship, I also want to make it so that only one ship spawns as it is going to be a difficult enough ship on its own.
Drop the ship you want it to behave as on the map. Then select the ship you want it to look like for it's costume. So if you want a Klingon ship to have Borg skills, just put a Borg ship on the map and dress it to look like a Bird of Prey. I'm not 100% sure what the kill counts as though. I believe it still counts as a Borg kill even if it is dressed as a Targ.

The only way I have gotten a ship to appear on it's own is to use the "dreadnaught" ship. This is usually one boss ship by itself. Otherwise, you will have to bury the other ships in the planet and NOT tell the player to "Destroy Targets". Otherwise, the mission will never end as the computer still wants you to kill the enemies in the middle of the planet.

  • If at all possible, I want a certain NPC to start as friendly until a dialogue box finishes, where he becomes an enemy, I also want him to be a certain NPC with a different costume in order to keep his abilities while using a different model.
This action is unavailable at this time since NPCs can only beam down and not beam up. (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.)

If at all possible, can someone tell me how to do these things or direct me to something that can? I've had the idea for this mission in my head for a while now and I would like to know how to make it possible.
Here is a link to Starbase UGC. It'll have more videos than you can shake a stick at to learn the function of the Foundry.

Good luck!