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04-01-2011, 08:44 PM
Clearly I haven't been paying enough attention to this thread. I missed cookies? Ah well, story of my life.

Just wanted to say that, as I get to know people in this fleet, I'm more and more enthusiastic about it. We're a friendly, mature, experienced group. We may not be experts on the game or even TOS, but we aim to share the fun of STO and Trek.

We're still forming this fleet, and even though we have a backstory, it's not written in stone. Contributions are welcome. I know there's also some interest in some organized PvP. And, speaking for myself, I'd love to write some Foundry missions revolving around the stories and characters we create.

See our blog for a little bit of the developing storyline behind our fleet:

And our website is setup so you can come aboard:

That's it for my day. G'night to all.