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04-02-2011, 01:15 PM
as far as i understand it you can mention Kor somewhere in the mission but in no way have him appear. cbs own the character of kor. they dont own anything to do with the actor. the battle itself is part of star trek in the same way the borg are or wolf 359 is etc. its part of the show and we have the rights to draw upon that.

Same with the Inner light probe. Its part of star trek, so as long as you dont re-create the episode word for word like a carbon copy but just grow the storyline then thats no problem. ie dont have that person relive the exact same life picard led. make it another person who also helped build the probe.

now if either of these had been from a book or a comic then you really cant reference them as that work is not held by cryptic itself.

as its from the show you're basically fine.