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04-02-2011, 02:19 PM
I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, the basis of this conversation is correct: Burst damage is the reason healing is out of control. And both ends of that spectrum are not fun. No one likes getting popped in one shot, however, the escort pilots don't like doing 0 damage to your hull and getting popped themselves since they are way more fragile.

Anyway, Cruisers deal more damage because of healing; Healing is multi-faceted. Equipping more heals means I have more time to do damage, and thus do more damage over the course of a battle.

I fly a BoP on my tactical officer. I do a crap load of DPS, for example, but I'm rarely on top in overall damage because when I fly my BoP, I hit and run. I have to. If I take any amount of focus fire, I am toast. Obviously while running I do very little, if any, damage.

Making escorts better at sustained DPS would imply a few things:

1) Healing is outright reduced -- all instant heals would need to go away or be evaluated and tuned in a very downward fashion. Otherwise, it's all for naught.
2) In general, escorts cannot stand toe to toe with bigger ships. They have less everything. If healing is reduced to accommodate sustained DPS over burst DPS, then the problem is only exacerbated. You just make escorts worse overall.

I don't think what's presented is even close to the solution to this problem, and would overall, probably ruin escort gameplay more than it helps it. But I don't disagree with the point being posed here; I only think this suggestion is not the solution to the problem.