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04-02-2011, 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by Martok42 View Post
Ok but as individuals, no one is stopping a Bajoran (Just like humans, Vulcans, and Andorians) from joining the KDF. You can make a Bajoran in the editor, and why couldn't he/she just be wearing a malitia uniform? I mean feds can have any Klingon species in thier Klingon uniforms, so why cant Klingon have access to the Bajoran uniform?
There is a difference between the species and the costumes. Sure, Bajorans and other Feds can join KDF, just as some KDF races can join Feds, but that doesn't mean the costumes are interchangeable between KDF and Fed. Feds don't use KDF uniforms for instance. Next you're gonna want your KDF captain to fly a Fed starship...