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04-03-2011, 02:20 AM
you can also create a new dialogue in the dialogue tab. it will ask you if you want to assign in to a map. click the map you want and then set that dialogue box with the states to activate on completion of a component or on reaching a component.

then place a random reach marker or perhaps a very small object (martini glasses are good) and then assign the dialogue tree to open once you either complete the component (in an objects case) or reach a component in the reach markers case)

you can now have full dialogue trees that are totally optional upon completing an action.

you can even attach later components on the completion of the tree.

someone is asking for a fight and your options are yes or no. set the yes to succeed and the no to fail. then drop a npc group onto the map. have them become visible on completion of the dialogue and they will spawn if you ask for a fight. as the no option is set to fail, if you click no nothing will happen.

this gives you make-shift branching missions.