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04-03-2011, 04:32 AM
Originally Posted by PodSix
Keep in mind that on the show, the bridge was not facing forward, but at an angle
The rotation of the bridge to be at an angle to the forward motion axis of the rest of the ship, as shown in that ancient Star Fleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph (1975), is the stupidiest attempt to have consistency between the interior and exterior shots in Star Trek (The Original Series). That is, the authors were trying to match the location of the turbolift in the bridge set in interior shots with a structure or bulge behind the bridge on top of the saucer section of the Enterprise model shown in exterior shots.

Seriously, the crew on the bridge is facing at an angle to the forward motion of the ship? As though that matters in space, but it's lame.

One reason the authors did that was to try to have the sizes of portions of the ship to be realistic, that is, human-sized, as well as including unseen structures such as lavatories Unfortunately, that didn't leave much room for other turbolift shafts behind the bridge, so the authors rotated the bridge in the name of consistency. Ugh

I prefer to think of that bulge behind the bridge in exterior shots to be some other structure, or even the top of a turbolift shaft into which the turbolift moves after leaving the bridge.