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04-03-2011, 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by Anthony1225
I prefer to think...
I'm sure that in some dusty file drawer, the original studio set plans called for the turbolift to be directly behind the Captain's chair... but that practical issues such as lighting, tearing away a wall for camera placement, what looked best as a standard camera angle, getting Shatner's "Good Side", and so-on all no doubt played a role in the rotation of the set in relation to the turbolift.

The FX model simply wasn't updated.. and the two issues had to be reconciled (retconned) in the 70s, by Franz Joseph and others. The concept that the bridge is at an angle to the ship is shown consistently on all blueprints and plan drawings I have seen over the years, so I have a feeling this issue was "resolved" by the designers at Desilu before the show wrapped, and passed on as official, to those producing trek merchandise.

And it does make me feel better about the bridge crew always leaning to one side when they were struck by something.

And if you want a real headache.. check out the model/studio transition at the end of the credits to "The Cage" It looks like some attempt has been made to clean that up in the digital versions (or this could be someone's pet project, I can't tell) Of course that remastered one just creates more questions, since the scales of those shots suggest that the turbolift just opens into space.

(PS.. all that grey... doesn't that look a lot like the bridge from TMP?)