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04-03-2011, 08:00 AM
While looking at cloak (which is a big issue all on its own), could you also look at the ship coming to a halt with half of the dialog boxes?

Any time some ensign gets an idea, he brings the ship to a complete halt in order to discuss it. This is most distressing in combat, where an Escort's primary defense comes from speed and movement. You are a sitting duck until you either skip the dialog entirely, or just click through and hope to read it later.

This also goes for Sector Space where as soon as you hail some one, the ship comes to a complete stop. Sector space travel is one of the best times to do some mission maintenance, picking up new ones or turning in old ones. Unfortunately you do not get very far while doing this.

The cloaking issue is honestly something that prevents me from logging on to my KDF character. I had assumed the fix would be easier or was already incoming. I am just glad to see that it will be looked at.