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04-03-2011, 10:44 AM
You can create a mission with multiple sector space doors by placing all the different map objectives on the first line as a "complete all". However, it would then function as an open patrol mission like the sector patrols, where it doesn't matter in which order you visit each system (meaning your players could skip around to any map they wanted to, not necessarily in the order you want them to).

I also have not seen any type of interaction that you can use to get back out into sector space like the patrols have when your task on a particular map is complete, without pressing the "leave system" button next to the minimap.

Testing these types of multiple sector space doors is a bit problematic, since any time you leave a system space or ground map to go back to sector space, you're either ported back to Sol (under the sector space map) or ESD (falling through the floors and out into space)